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Practical, affordable rates.
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The Practical Pen can help you present yourself in the best light possible without breaking your budget.

Your writing represents you

Whether you are presenting yourself through a book, a resume, or a marketing brochure, it is important to make sure that your words and phrases are as clear and polished as possible.
Whether your audience is a potential reader or book reviewer, a publisher or agent, or a prospective employer or client, your work needs to shine on its own without being bogged down by distracting misspellings, inconsistencies, or misplaced apostrophes and commas. 

If you want your book or document to be as error-free as possible without spending a fortune on a lot of separate services, consider The Practical Pen.
I take a comprehensive approach to effectively polishing your work at practical, affordable rates.

Ø       Specializing in efficient and affordable proofreading/copy editing of manuscripts in preparation for publishing

Ø       Business proofreading services available for marketing materials, training manuals, proposals, and more

Ø       Proofreading services also available for professional essays and articles, resumes, invitations and announcements 

Still not sure if you need a proofreader/copy editor?

 I will provide a free sample edit of up to five pages of your manuscript and 
a written evaluation as to level of proofreading needed, flow, content, overall readability, etc. 
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